Personalise and automate your video content

Enhance your video content with the Moovly WordPress plugin. Add template-based forms to engage your website visitors and transform your blogging into a captivating customer involvement.

What you can do

What does this WordPress Plugin offer?

  1. Produce personalized video content
  2. Get branded testimonials from your customers
  3. Create interactive forms based on the templates made in Moovly
  4. Generate videos from your blogs, news and RSS feeds
Simple integration

How does it work?

Get to know the steps behind the installation of the Moovly plugin by taking a look at the short explainer video on the side. For more detailed information, you can also check the plugin guide. If you have other questions regarding the Moovly plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us via api@moovly.com.

More info about the Wordpress plugin


Guide how to use the Wordpress plugin

This is the guide on how to install and setup the Moovly Wordpress plugin on your website